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Hajnal Hotel - Summary

Hajnal u. 2. 3400 Mezokovesd, Hungary

SHS Reservation Phone number: (+36-1) 225-3384, (+36-1) 225-3385
SHS Reservation Fax: (+36-1) 202-0319

Hotel Hajnal is situated in Mezokovesd, Zsory-furdo (Zsory Bath), where the Bukkalja foothills and the Hortobagy plain meet; the resort area features an excellent climate. The hotel started as a very popular guesthouse with a family atmosphere, the establishment's extremely honest and friendly hospitality bore fruit, and thanks to satisfied guests, the former guesthouse has now been transformed into a well-equipped spa and resort hotel.

Exterior view of this accommodation

Hotel Hajnal, Mezokovesd

number of rooms: 60
number of floors: 4
refurnished in: 2004
Price of a double room: 49.84 Eur

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Check in time: 14:00
Check out time: 10:00

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